Privacy Policy for TinyFins

  1. Introduction This Privacy Policy pertains to the TinyFins app, developed and operated by Ditached GmbH. This document outlines our approach to user privacy.
  2. No Data Collection TinyFins does not collect, store, or process any personal or non-personal data from its users. Users can utilize the app with the assurance that their privacy is completely respected and that no information is gathered.
  3. Use of the App The absence of data collection means that users' interactions with the app do not result in any data storage or analysis. This includes, but is not limited to, personal identifiers, usage patterns, device information, or any other type of data.
  4. Third-Party Services TinyFins does not integrate with third-party services that collect data from our users. The app operates independently, ensuring a secure and private user experience.
  5. Compliance with Laws Ditached GmbH complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy and data protection. Since TinyFins does not collect data, it inherently adheres to these standards.
  6. Updates to Our Privacy Policy We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be posted here and will be effective immediately upon their posting.
  7. Contact Us For any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the TinyFins app, please contact Ditached GmbH at